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How Norton Endpoint Protection Secures Users From Ransomware?

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Posted on: 12/01/17

Ransomware is one of the dangerous internet threats that make userís data or files unusable by encrypting them; however, even if userís system is affected with ransomware, the user can still access their system. Ransomware can easily exploit userís network and its endpoints vulnerabilities to make your files inaccessible. Once the userís files get affected with ransomware, the attackers will demand money from the victims. To get access to their documents users needs to pay the ransom hackers through a specifically noted method like PayPal.

But the worst thing about this attack is there are no decryption methods to get access to these decrypted files. To secure user network and its endpoints from ransomware there is a need for an effective security solution that can protect all endpoints. So if you are looking for a solution then Symantec Endpoint Protection can really work for you. For more information about Symantec Endpoint Protection and queries related to Norton security products just dial toll-free Norton Help Number UK.

How to Prevent Your Network from Ransomware Attack:

For Complete protection from ransomware, Norton has some security options that users need to enable to prevent ransomware:

SONAR Protection:

Enabling SONAR security

SONAR offers behavioral-based security that proactively distinguishes the obscure security dangers in the system. On the off chance that SONAR insurance isn't empowered it implies your system isn't shielded from rising dangers. You can use some simple strides to turn on the SONAR insurance,

Go to Virus and Spyware Protection policy, click SONAR > Enable SONAR.

 SONAR stops execution of double executable file such as Crypto Locker in the network

Update The Virus Definition With Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager:

Go to Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager

Click on Clients,

Right-click the group, and

Click Run a command on the group

And Update Content and Scan.


IPS blocks only those cyber threats that traditional virus definitions cannot stop, It gives the best protection against Drive-by downloads.

These are some important features of Symantec Endpoint protections that can protect your network from any variant of ransomware. This is how Norton offers complete security from ransomware, to know more about Norton Endpoint Protection and Norton security product related queries feel free to contact at Norton Customer Care Number UK.



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